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short message peer to peer (mobile com) (SMPP)

Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) is a transmission protocol for text messages over the Internet. It is based on TCP/ IP as an application protocol and is usually used for the transmission of short messages from an external network entity, the External Short Message Entity (ESME) to the Short Message Service Center( SMSC) and for the network-internal message exchange.

The SMPP protocol supports various short message functions such as transmission of short messages from an ESME entity through the SMSC to one or more recipients, acknowledgement of receipt of the message by the recipient, , non-delivery of short messages, delivery of messages at a specified time, retrieval of status messages stored in the SMSC, and several other functions.

The SMPP protocol could be replaced by an XML-based standard with comparable functionality, the Mobile Messaging Access Protocol( MMAP).

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