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shared cost service (SCS)

Shared cost services (SCD) are telecommunications services in which the provider and user share the telecommunications costs. SCD services are offered via the service numbers 0180 -x. This service is mainly used by companies in their hotlines.

In terms of the model, the provider shares in the caller's telecommunications costs. This cost sharing is taken into account by the network operator in the bill of the company using the service and the user. There are various 0180 services that differ in a fixed amount for the connection and different amounts for the duration of the connection, and also in whether the calls are operated on the fixed network or on the mobile network. The different costs can be identified by the digit that follows the 0180 number. There are five differently priced services with the numbers 0180-1, 0180-2, 0180-3, 0180-4 and 0180-5. The costs for the 0180-1, 0180-3 and 0180-5 services depend on the duration of the call, while those for the 0180-2 and 0180-4 services depend on the connection.

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