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share of voice (SOV)

Share of Voice (SoV) is a marketing metric that is also used in online advertising. It is the percentage of market coverage that an online advertisement reaches in relation to

the total market. Assuming there are 40,000 software developers and an online medium reaches 10,000 of them, the share-of-voice figure is 25%, i.e. the quotient of the subgroup reached to the total number.

Similar examples can also be applied to online advertising, where the ratio of ad impressions booked for a medium

inan advertising campaign to the total page impress

ions isput into relation


The figures refer to a specific period of time or to

theduration of

the entire campaign. If, for example, the total number of all ad impressions in a campaign is 500,000 and the booked share is 100,000, then the share of voice is 20 %. This means that 20% of all ad impressions are attributable to this advertising campaign.

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