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shadrs of white

White light comprises colour temperatures between 2,600 K and up to 10,000 K. In this range, certain wavelengths

can dominate. In daylight, the wavelength dominance can be recognized by the fact that daylight in the morning and evening hours is more reddish than in the midday hours. Depending on the season, midday daylight may contain strong bluish components. To enable artificial light with the same characteristic features

to beproduced, there are different shades of white

for white light: warm white, neutral white and cool white or daylight white, whose colour differences are clearly defined by the colour temperature rangesWarm white with colour temperatures between 2,600 K and 3,500 K produces a reddish light and a cosy atmosphere.

It is recommended for interior lighting in living and sleeping areas. The colour temperature range of neutral white is between 3,500 K and 5,000 K. This light creates a homely atmosphere and is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. And cool white or daylight white is used in work environments, in offices and hobby rooms. It is a cold white light that reproduces colours realistically.

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