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service switching point (IN, SS7) (SSP)

The service switching point( SSP) is the central switching component in SS7 signaling and intelligent networks( IN). As a physical entity( PE), the SSP component is located on the physical plane( PP). In mobile networks, the comparable network component is the Mobile Switching Center( MSC).

SSP nodes are digital exchanges that are equipped with special control functions and can execute services. They recognize intelligent TC services and take over service-neutral connection control in the intelligent network.

Components of the intelligent network (IN)

Components of the intelligent network (IN)

The interface to the service switching point is formed by the service control point( SCP). The two points are connected via INAP, an intelligent SS7 signaling. The Service Switching Point originates or terminates calls and communicates with the Service Control Point via the SS7 network. It requests services from the SCP point, which handles the requests in a predefined service logic. The SCP point sends the result of the request to the SSP point with all relevant information for handling the service.

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