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serverless computing

Serverless computing or serverless infrastructure is a scalable cloud service that works with servers in the same way as other cloud services. The difference is that the user does not have to pay for the computing power of the back end, but only for the service usage. This eliminates the cost of idle time and downtime.

Serverless computing is about providing cloud services. This service has similarities with Platform as a Service( PaaS), Function as a Service( FaaS) and Runtime as a Service( RaaS). Users can use serverless computing without having to worry about existing resources. They can embed codes, create back-end applications, treatment routines and process data without having to deal with hardware and infrastructure.

In terms of task distribution, serverless computing providers manage the same tasks as Platform as a Service providers. That is, databases and runtime environments, storage, virtual and physical environments, networks, operating systems and applications. The two infrastructure concepts differ when it comes to applications. Here, Serverless Infrastructure focuses on flexibility and capacity adjustment, scalability and fault tolerance. Users manage the functionality and have the advantage that they do not have to deal with the servers, but can concentrate on their application.

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