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sensor fusion

Sensor fusion is the intelligent combination of the measured values of different sensors. From this combined information of different or similar sensors, which are often interdependent, correlations and parameters

can be derived for application control. Furthermore, when using multiple sensors of the same type, the accuracy of

the sensor information can be improved. The result obtained from sensor fusion is better in outcome than if the readings from individual sensors were interpreted. Itfollows that the interpreted results are more accurate, the dependence of the physical quantities on each other is represented, and their representation form can be multidimensional.

There are various mathematical methods for interpreting and evaluating the sensor fusion signals. These include, for example,

the correlation of

the different physical measured values or their weighting or thetransformation of

the measured values for the purpose of analysis. In a sensor fusion, for example, the pressure and the temperature can be combined or the temperature and the humidity or the distance, acceleration and velocity and many other physical quantities.

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