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The Sempron processor is a low-cost AMD processor that is equivalent to the Athlon XP. It has a Level 2 cache( L2) of 256 KB, a Front Side Bus( FSB) with a clock frequency of 166 MHz and supports the StreamingSIMDExtension ( SSE), 3DNow and the Multimedia Extension( MMX).

Introduced in 2007, the Sempron has structure widths of 90 nm and 65 nm and is designed in Giant Large Scale Integration( GLSI). The Sempron's codenames are Sonora and Sparta.

The Sempron is available in several versions for the CPU socket 754 and socket A. In addition, the U200 and U210 versions were developed for embedded PCs. They are designed as BGA packages, have no socket and no heat distribution plate and can be mounted directly on the PCB. The resulting advantage is the space-saving design with extremely low height.

Single-board computer with Sempron processor, photo:

Single-board computer with Sempron processor, photo:

The Sempron U200 has a clock frequency of 1 GHz and a power consumption of 8 W. It thus belongs to the ULV processors. It thus belongs to the ULV processors, which are of particular interest for mobile computers. The more powerful U210 has a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. The Level 2 caches have a memory capacity of 256 KB (U200) and 512 KB (U210).

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