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semiconductor embedded in substrate (SESUB)

Semiconductor Embedded in Substrate

(SESUB) is a substrate technology developed by TDK in which many functional units are accommodated on a 3D integration platform. In

addition to several semiconductor chips embedded in the substrate, discrete active and passive components and circuits such as filters, oscillators, amplifiers or AD converters can be integrated into system-in-package on such a platform

.The resulting SESUB modules are extremely compact and space-saving and have a low height of only 1 mm. This makes them ideal for use in mobile devices. SESUB technology can combine various chip technologies with different structure widths as used in processors and analog circuits. The micro-structured tracks can be interconnected and rewired via vias


Power management module in SESUB technology, photo: TDK

Power management module in SESUB technology, photo: TDK

SESUB modules can take over the complete power management of mobile devices and consist of switching regulators, chargeregulators, DC/DC converters, LDO regulators, real-time clock and clock generator, or they can be GSM modules, Bluetooth systems, WLAN routers or as FM radios, to name just a few.

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