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segmented network

Sub-route networks consist of a more or less large number of arbitrarily structured and interconnected node computers. The messages transmitted between the data terminal equipment (DTE), the data source and data sink, are transmitted indirectly, from node to node. This network configuration is used in wide area networks (WAN) and uses data packet switching.

In partial link operation, a message or message parts are transported sequentially over several partial links using the store-and-forward method. Since the distances between the end points can usually be very large and many nodes are interposed, routing and the use of network resources play a decisive role. To determine the optimal route, a classification of routing methods is useful.

Structure of a sub-route network

Structure of a sub-route network

In the case of sub-route networks, a distinction is made between centralized methods, which work with a central station that has all the routing information and makes the route selection centrally, and decentralized methods, in which each individual router makes its routing decision. Furthermore, there is static routing with fixed routes, based on static routing tables and information, and dynamic routing, which works with changing routing conditions and in which the route is always recalculated.

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