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security protocol

Security protocols increase the security ofdata traffic in communication networks. They can be used at all layers of the communication model and have various encryption techniques that secure authentication or encode the data to be transmitted.

One of the better-known security protocols used in the LAN environment at the network layer is the Point to Point Protocol( PPP). This protocol is mainly used for network connections based on dial-up connections. In IP communication, IPsec is one of the standardized protocols. Other protocols include the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol( PPTP) and the Microsoft Point to Point Encryption Protocol( MPPE), which is used to encrypt PPTP data packets.

Security protocols operating at the network layer, such as the Password Authentication Protocol( PAP), the SSH protocol, Secure Shell (SSH), TACACS+ or RADIUS, support authentication and password protection. For the data security of tunnel connections, L2Sec should be mentioned. In the higher layers, the security protocols are used to encrypt the applications, for example Secure Socket Layer( SSL), Transport Layer Security( TLS) and Datagram Transport Layer Security Protocol( DTLS).

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