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security operation center (SOC)

A Security Operation Center(SOC) is a security operations center for security-related services for the security infrastructure of companies and organizations. Such a center integrates the security-related systems and components of enterprise networks.

The SOC center collects all information concerning the security ofcomputers and corporate networks. This information is processed and appropriate measures are derived from it to protect people, data and programs. This includes, among other things, the collection of log files, which are filtered and correlated in the SOC Center. It provides an overview of security measures at the various organizational levels. SOC staff can identify vulnerabilities and remedy corresponding risks. Depending on the constellation, the measures developed by the Security Operation Center take effect at the physical level of the company networks in the form of firewalls and IDS systems or at the security level, where they prevent attacks through antivirus programs, log-in procedures and authentication solutions.

SOC centers provide various security-related services such as triggering alarms in the event of an attack, detecting and eliminating malware, identifying vulnerabilities and security holes and eliminating them, reporting, mitigating damage from DDoS attacks, and assessment analyses for system security.

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