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search and rescue (Galileo) (SAR)

The Galileosatellite navigation system supports commercial, public, security and emergency services. The various services differ essentially in the way they are used and in their positional accuracy.

The humanitarian search and rescue service, Search and Rescue( SAR), is an emergency service in which the coordinates of the emergency victim are transmitted via an emergency transmitter. In emergency situations, this sends a distress signal with the coordinates of the emergency position. The position accuracy is about 10 m.

#0 Search and Rescue (SAR) is always available worldwide: in the city, in the countryside, in the desert, at sea and in the mountains. It operates with multiple LEO satellites, LEOSAR, and GEO satellites, GEOSAR, from Search And Rescue Satellite Aided Tracking (SARSAT) and has the advantage over the Sarsat system of much higher location accuracy and shorter response times. The SAR service basically consists of the dispatched distress call with the position information and the call back from the PSAP to the emergency victim. This is how the emergency victim recognizes that the emergency call was received by the emergency call center.

In addition to the rescue service, other Galileo services include the open service( OS), the commercial service( CS), the safety-critical service( SoL) and the publicly regulated service( PRS).

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