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scrum master (SAFe) (SM)

Scrum master is another name for a project manager. It is the moderator of an agile development team. A scrum master coaches and advises the scrum team and optimizes cooperation and the exchange of information among the team members so that they achieve the set targets.

A Scrum team must function within itself and work as effectively and undisturbed as possible. There are certain Scrum rules that the Scrum master conveys and that the Scrum team members must observe, such as group dynamics and decision flexibility.

The Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum practices are understood and applied, and supports the Scrum Team by removing obstacles and problems. In addition, he helps people who are not part of the Scrum team to interact with the team members and thus optimizes the cooperation between these groups of people. He ensures that the software features and software enhancements developed by the team are improved.

The Scrum Master considers the development goals and ensures that they are achieved by the various Scrum teams. He informs the team about the development goals and ensures that development backlogs are worked off and informs the product owner about the development status and the work orders that have not yet been carried out, the backlog.

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