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Screencasts are recordings and compilations of computer displays from desktops and notebooks, but also from tablets or smartphones. They are compiled excerpts from application programs that are presented in continuous sequences. Additional information on the screencasts can be displayed as text lines or spoken as comments.

Screencasts are ideal for demonstrating software, explaining application programs, operating instructions for technical equipment, interactive learning programs, computer-based training( CBT) and web-based training(WBT). In addition, they can be used in presentations and employee training.

Screencasts can be produced with little technical effort. As with a video, sequences are defined and strung together using a screen tool that reads continuous screen displays as a sequence of individual images from the screen memory. Such video sequences can consist of videos, Power Point presentations, or Excel files and are stitched together to form a continuous stream of data. The resulting video data stream is compressed with video compression and accompanied by text information or spoken commentary.

One screencast technology developed by Intel is Wireless Display( WiDi), another of the WiFi Alliance is Miracast.

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