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scaled agile framework (SAFe)

Scaled AgileFramework (SAFe) is a framework for applying lean and agile principles and practices at the enterprise level. It is an organizational and workflow framework that supports Lean Enterprises

and Agile development teams in project development. The complete SAFe framework consists of many functional units that are aligned with development and business. The functional units of SAFe include Enterprise Solution Delivery through which enterprise solutions are delivered, Agile Product Delivery with focus on the customer, Team and Technical Agility with which technical agility is documented, Lean Enterprise Management, Lean Management, and Lean Portfolio Management, Lean Portfolio

Management (LPM), with strategic alignment in terms of investment funding. Inaddition, there are several other activities

.The SAFe framework supports collaboration among development teams to develop and build the largest possible systems, it is about supply chain

coordination, and lean system and solution development, including live system development.In SAFe, development progress is referred to as milestones, and milestones can be used to accurately track individual progress. For milestones, SAFe distinguishes between a program increment

, a fixed date, and milestones for learning. SAFe comes in several flavors as Essential SAFe, Full SAFe, Lage Solution SAFe, and Portfolio SAFe. Essential SAFe contains events and roles for business solutions, Full SAFe is a complete SAFe configuration for business agility, Large Solution SAFe is for building and evolving, and Portfolio SAFe is for value stream development. SAFe 5.0 is an update to the framework that explains the core competencies to help the organization become a Lean Enterprise with high business agility.

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