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scalable service-oriented middleware over IP (SOME/IP)

Scalable Service-oriented Middleware over IP (SOME/IP) is a communication protocol used in automotive Ethernet that supports communication between two applications. It is a client- server protocol that makes optimum use of the available bandwidth by scaling the data packets.

In SOME/IP, the format of the data packets is determined by the specified services. In the SOME/IP configuration, the server provides a service instance that implements the service interface. The client uses the service instance through SOME/IP. The services are defined by the service interface, similar to the Functional Blocks in the MOST bus. The services contain methods, fields and events.

In SOME/IP, the communication partners are called provider and consumer, which retrieve their services without a central server. In this service-oriented communication, the data and functions are encapsulated in services. The communication itself works as with the Data Distribution Service( DDS) in unicast and in multicast via the connectionless UDP protocol or via the connection-oriented TCP protocol. The exchange between the communication partners takes place according to the request- response procedure or the "send and forget" principle. In this procedure, there is only a request from the client to the server, without a response and also without an error message. Furthermore, the server can regularly send out events or change remotely accessible properties via a request from the client.

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