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sawtooth wave

A sawtooth oscillation is a single or periodic oscillation with a linear rise and a short linear fall. The period of a sawtooth signal is equal to the time

from the sawtooth rise and the sawtooth fall. A sawtooth signal is a harmonic signal with even and odd harmonics whose amplitude

isequal to the quotient of the harmonics

. Thus, the 2nd harmonic has an amplitude that is half the amplitude of the fundamental, i.e. 1/2, the amplitude of the 3rd harmonic is 1/3, that of the 4th is 1/4, and so on.

Sawtooth signals with rising and falling sawtooth

Sawtooth signals with rising and falling sawtooth

The sawtooth is generated by charging a capacitor with constant current

Sawtooth oscillations are generatedby

function generators for test and measurement purposes. They occur wherever a time linear signal waveform is used. This is typically the case with screens for horizontal and vertical deflection.

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