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satellite radio

Satellite radio uses satellites for communication links. The satellites form part of the satellite network, and the other components are the ground stations and the receiving equipment for satellite transmission. They can operate like relay stations and broadcast received signals over a wider local area, using other satellites as intermediate relay stations.

Satellite stations can operate as relay stations in communications and Internet links for voice and data communications, but can also broadcast radio and television programs, weather and survey data, geological data, or position data as telecommunications satellites.

The constellation of satellite networks depends entirely on the application because the signal propagation time between earth station and satellite and vice versa precludes certain applications. For example, voice communications via GEO satellites or broadcast services via LEO satellites. Thus, amateur radio uses satellite radio for voice communications but equally for the transmission of images, data and Slow Scan Television( SSTV). A well-known amateur radio station is located in the international space station ISS.

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