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satellite news gathering (SNG)

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) is a form of Electronic News Gathering(ENG). It is a satellite service for news broadcasting, also referred to as electronic news gathering (ENG) or satellite news reporting.

Through this service, breaking news can be transmitted as audio or video from the scene to the newsroom for distribution via broadcast services such as radio or television.

Van for Satellite News Gathering (SNG), photo:

Van for Satellite News Gathering (SNG), photo:

Satellite News Gathering uses SNG vehicles, vans equipped with large dish antennas and broadcast equipment, to uplink to the communications satellite. The SNG vehicles are equipped with cameras, editing suites and mixing consoles, with preview and broadcast monitors, with magnetic tape recorders and complete audio equipment, and last but not least with microwave transmitters.

The further development of the analog Satellite News Gathering is the DSNG, the Digital Satellite News Gathering.

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