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runtime environment (RTE)

The runtime environment(RTE) is a comprehensive program that enables application programs to run and be executed in unfamiliar environments. The runtime environment ensures that application programs run on appropriate operating systems and that the software modules can be reused.

The runtime environment provides universal, commonly used basic functions for peripheral devices, the memory, the network or other units. These basic functions include reading and writing files, transporting data across networks, managing input and output devices, searching or sorting files, and more. Thus, the runtime environment takes over functions that would otherwise have to be executed by the application programs.

The modules of the runtime environments are stored in runtime libraries. Under Windows they can be recognized by the extension *.dll, under Unix the extension is *.so.

Runtime environments exist for all platforms. Well-known examples are the Java Runtime Environment( JRE) for executing Java programs, the Adobe Integrated Runtime( AIR) for Rich Internet Applications( RIA) or the Common Language Runtime( CLR) as interpreter for the Common Intermediate Language( CIL) and for programs written in the programming languagesC++ Visual Basic( VB) and C++.

The AUTOSAR Runtime Environment (RTE)

The AUTOSAR Runtime Environment (RTE)

Inautomotive technology, the Runtime Environment (RTE) is a modular software concept developed by AUTOSAR that is based on the microprocessor and comprises various device drivers and services. It is used for the migration of software and, as a control center, forms the interface to the application.

As a migration concept, the Runtime Environment can be used to migrate in both directions: upwards into the application software and downwards into the basic software.

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