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running disparity (RD)

In some transmission methods, the difference between the transmitted 0-bit values and the 1-bit values plays an important role, since inequality results in a DC component that negatively affects the coding

and thus the transmission properties.If the coding is characterized by a disparity between the number of logical zeros and the number of logical ones, this is referred to as running disparity (RD), a constant disparity. The disparity of logical states is determined between the beginning of a data sequence and a point in time during data transmission

. If the number of logical 0 levels corresponds to the number of logical 1 levels, i.e. there is no difference between the two values, then there is no running disparity (RD). TheRD value is 0. If the RD value is greater than zero

, then more 1-level signals are transmitted, and if it is less than zero, then more 0-level signals are transmitted. The running disparity signal can also be used for error detection.

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