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routing algorithm

The routing algorithm is about implementing the goals for path discovery in networks. The different routing protocols have different approaches for path discovery. These approaches are implemented in the routing algorithms.

Routing algorithms can be economic in nature, they can depend on network load or network stability, delay time, routeravailability, or other factors.

For routing through the network, the routing algorithms generate appropriate values, the metrics. These are based on the characteristics that the routing protocol considers optimal. These include the transmission capacity and thus the data rate of the connection. Furthermore, the propagation time that a data packet experiences over the route, which is reflected in the delay time. Since the delay time should be as low as possible for real-time services, the metric with the lowest delay time and the fewest hops must be used for these services. Other factors include load balancing and transmission reliability, since certain data services require error-free transmission. The connection cost is another aspect that is implemented in least cost routing( LCR), for example.

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