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rolling code

The security of radio-based access systems, as used in the radio remote controls for motor vehicles or garage doors, is ensured by special coding methods: By the rolling code or change code, the jumping code or hopping code, or by the trillion code.

The rolling code is a coding method often used in radio remote controls, which is used for authentication between the handheld transmitter - for example, radio key - and the receiving device. The rolling code works with a coding table that is processed in turn. Both the transmitter and the receiver have identical code tables. At the first authentication, the transmitter uses the first code numbers from the code table. For the following authentication, the sender uses the next code number in the code table, and so on. In this way, the fixed code table is processed code value by code value.

The receiving device reacts only to the next code numbers to be expected, not to a previous one that has already been used. When the code table has been completely processed, the sequence starts again from the beginning. Hence the term rolling code. It is different with the alternating code, where the code number depends on a counter.

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