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robot operating system (ROS)

The Robot Operating System(ROS) is an open source software that can be used as a flexible framework for robot software development.

The ROS operating system includes utilities and libraries that facilitate software development. Developers can access hardware abstractions, robot controls, implementations of commonly used functions, and messagingbetween processes. These include interrogations of the various sensors: the ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, proximity sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and the other components such as the digital cameras and microphones. The query values are processed by the algorithms for speech recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing and other functions.

The ROS operating system supports platform-independent tools for robot software development and implementations of tools and libraries.

The robot operating system can be used free of charge as open source software and is suitable for as a modular framework for the processing of sensor data, their evaluation, as well as for the planning, programming and control of robots. Due to the language neutrality, developments with the ROS operating system can be executed in a wide variety of programming languages.

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