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road hazard warning (RHW)

Road Hazard Warnings (RHW) is an event-driven service used in Cooperative Intelligent Transport System

(C-ITS) that alerts drivers of motor vehicles to upcoming hazards at an early stage. The hazard alerts can be detected by vehicles and directly forwarded to other vehicles using Car-to-Car (C2C) communication

. On the other hand, they can be forwarded via Roadsite Units (RSU) and transmitted to the right road users usingCar-to-Infrastructure-Communication

(C2I). The RHW hazard service is activated when a hazard is detected and broadcast via the IST station as a Decentralized Environment Notification (DEN) to other IST stations located in within a certain geographical area where the event occurred. The DEN message, Decentralized Environmental Notification (DEN), is repeated regularly until the hazard has passed.

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