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ringing tone

In telephone and mobile phone networks

, there are

various tone signals that indicate the connection status to the caller.

The best-known tones are the dial

tone, the ring tone or ringing tone and the busy

tone. Theaforementioned tone signals have

a tone frequency of 425 Hz

and differ only in their timing: the ratio between the tone signal and the pause signal. The ringing tone indicates to the caller that the dialed connection is switched and that the call has reached the called party.

The ringing tone does not end until the called party accepts the connection, i.e. picks up the handset at the telephone. It has a tone frequency of 425 Hz, a tone duration of 1,000 ms and a pause duration of 4,000 ms. In addition to the above-mentioned tones, there is also a special dialling tone, a connection tone, a call waiting tone and an advisory tone.

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