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rich communication suite - enhanced (messaging) (RCS-e)

Rich Communication Suite - Enhanced(RCS-e) is a messaging service for cell phones, smartphones and other mobile devices. This industry standard, driven by Nokia and mobile companies Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and O2, was developed by the GSM Association( GSMA) for mobile messaging of text, voice, photos and video. RCS-e is based on the IPMultimedia Subsystem( IMS), it is platform-independent and can work with Windows Mobile, Apple's iPhone OS( iOS) and Google's Androidsmartphone operating systems.

The RCS-e-based service is called Joyn. Key benefits of Rich Communication Suite include an expanded phonebook with detailed contact information, enhanced messaging features including chats and messaging history, and the ability to transfer multimedia documents, videos or instant messaging( IM) during a phone call, or to share image files and video files with the other party. In terms of audio codecs, RCS-e supports Adaptive Multirate( AMR), G.711voice codec with ยต-law method and A-law method and several others. Video codecs supported include H.263 and H.264 as well as WebM.

Some of the capabilities offered by RCS-e are provided by Internet Service Providers( ISP).

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