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resolver (DNS)

  1. InInternet terminology, resolvers are programs that act as an interface between the application and the name server. Resolvers or domain name resolvers are DNS clients that always reside on the same Domain Name System (DNS). They use the services ofname servers from other systems. The DNS resolver is part of the network infrastructure and serves as a cache for the DNS protocol. For example, it receives requests from mail servers or web browsers and asks a DNS server for the numeric address of the user-friendly domain name. It transmits the requested information to the requesting entity and transfers the user-friendly domain name into a numeric combination of digits in dotted decimal notation. Thus, the domain name becomes the IP address
  2. In electromechanical components, the term resolver is used for devices that can perform trigonometric calculations. A resolver is generally used in circuits that solve vector problems, such as analogcomputers and conversion devices.
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