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requirements engineering

Requirements engineering is about involving suppliers, manufacturers, producers and your own employees in the development of large projects. The increasing complexity of development projects in which many different companies are involved requires the uniform handling of a wide variety of requirements, which must be exchanged, interpreted and implemented.

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, exchangedbetween the different participants, is relevant for requirements management. Since the benefit is undisputed, some manufacturers have been using their own tools for years, which cannot be implemented by the other partners. To ensure that the various requirements documents can be interpreted by all participants and implemented in their tools, the Manufacturer Initiative Software (HIS), which is active in automotive technology, has developed an exchange format that has been internationally standardized by the Object Management Group (OMG) as the Requirements Interchange Format

(ReqIF). Through requirements management, the various entities involved, their own employees, suppliers and manufacturers have an overview of the current requirements for the individual entities at all times and can react as soon as the requirements are violated.

Requirements management is an integral part of the development processes in various industries, for example in the automotive and aircraft industries and in the development of medical and military products. In other industries, requirements management is increasingly being used.

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