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request response method

The request-response method is a request-response interaction with which computers communicate with each other. Another method is the dialog mode. The request-response method is a message exchange that is usually used in client- server architectures.

In the request-response method, the requesting station sends a request, namely the request, to another computer. The request usually refers to a small part of a task. It is received, processed and executed by the second computer and answered with the response.

Request-response method of HTTP

Request-response method of HTTP

The HTTP protocol illustrates how the request-response service model works. A web browser sends an HTTP request in the form of a GET parameter to the web server and asks it for an HTML document, for example, web page content or a file. The web server transmits the requested document to the web client in its HTTP response. In the mentioned application, the connection between the two communication partners is kept open until the response is received by the client or until the time limit is exceeded.

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