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remote maintenance

Remote maintenance refers to all service and maintenance work performed on remote IT systems, networks or industrial equipment without the service technician being on site. In remote maintenance, remote maintenance or remote service, the operator has remote access to remotecomputers, clients and other system components via public networks and the Internet.

Remote maintenance is an economically efficient service because the service technician has no travel time and can check the functions of system components such as switches, routers or access points and eliminate malfunctions from his workstation. Remote maintenance includes administration, maintenance and repair tasks, the installation of updates and functional checks. The only prerequisite is that the relevant systems or workstations have an interface to a public communications network.

Systems that are usuallychecked by remote maintenance include home workstations supported by Remote Access Service( RAS), as well as clients such as desktops, notebooks and tablets, servers and network components. With remote maintenance, the service technician or administrator takes over the functional control of the device, which he can control via his own keyboard and mouse and monitor on his display in screen sharing.

As an entry point for remote maintenance, the system administrator can access the KVM switch at the BIOS level, the console port or the network port. Access to the KVM switch can be via KVM-over- IP and provides the administrator with the ability to directly map the keyboard, monitor and computer mouse. If access via a console port is chosen, then this connection can be via an Internet connection or a mobile network. In addition to this classic approach, there are various command-based administration programs such as telnet, remote login( rlogin), remote shell( rsh) or the secure version Secure Shell (ssh).

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