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regenerative feedback

Regenerative power is when the energy from electric vehiclebatteries or home storage is fed back into the power grid or smart grid. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is one such concept that works with energy recovery and in which the car battery

is to be used as a buffer battery. If there is an energy surplus in a smart grid that needs to be dissipated, then it can be temporarily stored in an energy storage

device.Home storage units of smart homes, neighbourhood storage units of smart cities

and also car batteries, in which the energy can be temporarily stored for a few hours, are suitable as short-term intermediate storage units. If smart grids have a higher energy demand that is not covered by the energy feed-in, then the energy temporarily stored in the car batteries can be fed into the energy grid. The feed-back of surplus energy discussed here is technically feasible and has been implemented in pilot projects, but fails because this application is not yet standardized and neither the electric vehicles nor the charging stations are designed for this application.

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