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reference signal receive quality (RSRQ)

Reference Signal Receive Quality (RSRQ) is a parameter for quality assessment of mobile networks such as Long Term Evolution

(LTE). The RSRQ value can be used to measure the quality of the reference signal. RSRQ is calculated from the quotient of

thereceived field strength of the reference signal, RSRP, and the field strength indicator, RSSI

, inrelation to all resource blocks of the bandwidth

. The RSRQ value is a dimensionless value that is specified in decibels. Values of -3 dB represent extremely high quality, up to -10 dB there is only minor degradation and loss of performance, and at lower RSRQ values of -15 dB or -20 dB the quality is poor. There are strong interfering influences which lead to the fact that one can no longer make phone calls.

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