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reference signal receive power (RSRP)

The RSRP value, Reference Signal Receive Power, is the receive field strength of the reference signal of mobile radio networks at the terminal.

The RSRP value is specified in mobile communications for the reception field strength and is decisive for the selection of the radio cell and the handover. The mobile device measures the RSRP value and then dials into the radio cell with the highest RSRP value.

RSRP is the average value of the cell-specific reference signal over the entire bandwidth and is expressed in decibels milliwatts (dBm). For Long Term Evolution (LTE), RSRP values of -50 dBm to -70 dBm ensure good reception quality; values below -80 dBm or -90 dBm can still be received and are sufficient for telephony. Even lower values impair telephony, whereas the Internet can still be used.

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