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reference color space

Reference color spaces are device- and media-independent color spaces

that are based on human color perception. They can be used to match the color capture and color reproduction of peripheral devices. In general, peripheral devices use different color models

dependingon whether they capture color images or reproduce them on a display. Input devices such as film scanners, slidescanners, photo scanners or digital cameras capture and scan reflective and transparent originals; playback devices such as displays, projectors, imagesetters or printers display or print graphics and images. The groups of devices work with different color models, based on additive or subtractive color mixing, and display colors

that differ from each other, sometimes more, sometimes less. In order to adapt the different color representations to human perception, there are reference color spaces. The CIELab color space is an example of such a device-independent reference color space, as are the Profile Connection Space (PCS), which works in the Image Color Matching (ICM) system under Windows, and the ICC color profiles from the International Color Consortium (ICC). The color matching is realized by Color Management Moduls (CMM).

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