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reduced twisted pair Gigabit Ethernet (RTPGE)

Reduced Twisted PairGigabit Ethernet (RTPGE) is an IEEE development for Ethernet-based communication in electric vehicles

and industrial environments.RTPGE is Single-Pair Ethernet (SEP) for data rates

of1 Gbit/s.

The corresponding interface is 1000Base-T1.The corresponding interface is 1000Base-T1. RTPGE was standardized by the IEEE working group 802.3bp and forms the physical layer in Automotive Ethernet, which can be used as a platform

. IP communication is based on this layer with theIP protocol according to IPv4, the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and the Transmission Control Protocol

(TCP). RTPGE is implemented as a point-to-point connection over less than three wire pairs. The range is 5 m, optionally up to 40 m. It has autonegotiation and operates at the physical layer with different encodings: 3B2T, 10B7T and 11B7T.

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