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Redirect stands for redirecting or forwarding. The redirect function is used in transmission technology and telecommunications in various applications. Some transmission protocols have a redirect function for optimal routing.

  1. In communication technology, a redirect is the forwarding of a message to the recipient(s), for example, in an email service. Other recipients are not named in the messages.

  2. In telecommunications, a redirect may be call forwarding or call forwarding.

  3. As for the protocol world, some routing protocols have redirect algorithms that allow them to switch the optimal route. For example, in the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), where a router tells a host a more effective route.

  4. Redirect also exists in the web world with DNS redirect. This is the immediate or automatic redirection of a visitor to another website. In this way, visitors can be redirected from a website with a high ranking index to one with a low ranking index. This technique is used, among other things, in hijacking, i.e. the hijacking of Internet addresses

    . The

    redirect function can be activated without delay, after a certain time or in the event of an error message

    . The situation is different with DNS poisoning, in which the attacker has access to the DNS table of a server and replaces a valid Internet address with a false one.

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