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recommendation engine

A recommendation engine is a type of search engine

that makes suggestions to the end user that might be of interest to them. This can be a book or a music CD, an article, clothing or a job offer. Recommendation Engines are software systems that serve a specific purpose. They make predictions about user interest and select the appropriate product or article from the comprehensive web offer. For their computing operations, they use data mining, machine learning

, statistical and predictive analyses and analyse previous user behaviour and purchasing patterns. Thehuge, confusing amounts of data are reduced by filtering out possible results that are recommended to the user

. At Amazon, the procedure can be observed very well.

As soon as a prospective customer visits the Amazon website, books are recommended to him from the subject areas he was interested in during his last visit. Recommendation engines analyze the collected data that a prospect has left behind during his previous visits, as well as that of other visitors with similar interests.

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