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rear seat entertainment (RSE)

Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) is an in-vehicle infotainment system in motor vehicles. It is designed for rear-seat passengers who are offered a wide range of entertainment options.

A Rear Seat Entertainment system is an audio-visual system that uses a 7" or 8" TFT display

mounted onthe front seat, in the headrest of the front seat or on the headliner of the motor vehicle. The sound is transmitted through headphones


Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) from VW

Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) from VW

In terms of video sources, the Rear Seat Entertainment offers a DVD player or digital TV via DBV-T, although the geographical coverage with DVB-T has gaps in coverage. Depending on the RSE concept, navigation maps can also be shown on the displays. The In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) for the passengers in the rear is usually connected to the bus concept of the motor vehicle such as the MOST bus, HDBaseT or others.

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