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realtime traffic information (automotive) (RTTI)

Real-time traffic information(RTTI) is up-to-date service information on traffic volumes, congestion and accidents. This information is transmitted as a geocast to road users who are currently in a specific regional area.

The RTTI information is comparable to the traffic information provided via the broadcasters' Automobile Radio Information(ARI) or Digital Traffic Management( TMC) services. Compared to the aforementioned services, RTTI has the advantage that it is location-accurate, can be retrieved at any time, and is limited to the regional area in which the vehicle is currently located. Corresponding RTTI information can be retrieved as a chargeable service from network operators.

The RTTI information is derived from various data sources such as floating car data( FCD), sensors in infrastructure components, congestion reports and various other data sources and is incorporated into the Local Dynamic Map( LDM), which is structured in terms of time and location and contains traffic-relevant information.

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