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realtime (RT)

Ininformation and communication technology, real time is the time in which a given action takes place. For the viewer, the action can take place simultaneously, without any noticeable time delay; for the technical equipment, it takes place according to specified and guaranteed delay times.

A continuous action must also be reproduced by the viewer as such, without interruptions, and in the same duration as it lasts in real time. This means, for example, that a video sequence of x seconds is played back in x seconds. Otherwise, the real-time condition is not met.

Systems that operate in real time are called real-time systems, and the data that accumulates is called real-time data. Special requirements are placed on the computing power of real-time systems with regard to guaranteed delay times, which are of existential importance for the applications. Just think of the control of power plants, motor vehicles or airplanes.

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