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real time advertising (RTA)

Real Time Advertising(RTA) is a real-time process used in online advertising for the offer and sale of advertising space. The process used by media agencies and ad networks is a bidding process, Real Time Bidding( RTB).

In Real Time Advertising, the advertising spaces offered are placed by publishers and website operators on a bidding page of a Supply Side Platform( SSP) and auctioned there. The bidding process is an automated electronic auction in which the page impressions are offered at a specific price, the costs per impression ( CPI). The same applies to the required number of page impressions in the desired time period. Negotiations for the purchase prices and delivery times as well as the purchase are handled by the demand side platforms ( DSP).

Since the auction and the subsequent placement of the banners take place almost in real time, this is referred to as real time advertising.

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