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rapid prototyping development (microsystem) (RPD)

Rapid Prototyping Development (RPD) is a technique to produce prototypes of newly developed products in the shortest possible time. Through the RPD technique, various criteria such as feasibility aretested and proven.

With rapid prototype development, scale models of the later product are produced. These can be assemblies, individual components and complete products. The basis for the creation is three-dimensional CAD data. The aim of RPD technology is to be able to provide better products than competitors for marketing in a shorter time.

The rapid prototyping technique uses the classic methods for manufacturing parts. These include bonding, welding, sintering and chemical processes used to assemble individual components. Polyamides, polycarbonates, nylon and various other plastics are used to create the models. As a rule, they are those that provide excellent functionality, durability and strength. The production can be done with 3D printing technology.

The advantage of RPD technology is the speed with which a development can be converted into a finished product.

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