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radio network controller (UMTS, Modacom) (RNC)

The Radio Network Controller(RNC) is a component of the UMTS and Modacom networks. It is comparable in functionality to the Mobile Switching Center( MSC) in GSM networks and controls and monitors the mobile stations. In UMTS networks, the RNC controller is a component of UTRAN (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network). In Modacom networks, a maximum of four controllers can control up to 64 base stations in a region.

The radio network controllers communicate with each other and can independently perform handovers between geographically separated radio cells.

For the communication of the Radio Network Controller with other Radio Network Controllers or other components, there are various I-interfaces as well as a Mur interface. Of the I-interfaces, the In interface handles the connection between the Radio Network Controller and the core network, the Inb interface is the connection between the RNC and another node, the Iu interface provides the connection to the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), and the Iur interface is connection between two Radio Network Controllers.

The management interface is formed by the Mur interface, which connects the Radio Network Controller (RNC) to the Network Management Center( NMC).

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