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radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC)

The acronym RFIC (Radio FrequencyIntegrated Circuit) covers analog single-chip transmitters/receivers. The RFIC solutions are ready-made analog ICs

that only need to be equipped with a few external components specific to the application. The advantage of RFIC technology over discrete RF circuits lies primarily in the shorter development time and the resulting time-to-market


868-MHz transceiver as RFIC, Photo: Fraunhofer Institut

868-MHz transceiver as RFIC, Photo: Fraunhofer Institut

There are narrowband and wideband RFICs, which are used in mobile radio, WLANs, satellite communication, broadcast technologies (DAB, DVB, DMB, MediaFLO, etc.) and in proprietary RF communication systems. There are transceivers and RF power amplifiers, broadband modulators, microwave mixers, RF oscillators and fast A/D converters. RFICs use many well-known technologies and electronic circuits with transistors and field-effect transistors

. Discrete circuits are superior to RFIC technology in some RF parameters, such as phase noise and selectivity, which can be 20 dB or more better than RFICs.

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