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radio control (RC)

Radio Control (RC) is a compact box equipped with joysticks, switches, buttons, status indicators, camera recording display and interfaces

, with straps and worn by the operator in front of the abdomen. Such a radio control system allows the operator to take off, land and control his drone in a flight path with different inclinations and different speeds. Radio controls are equipped with RF transmitters and antennas that provide the radio link to the RF receivers in the drones. The radio transmission takes place in the frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz

or 5.8 GHz.

Radio control for drone, photo:

Radio control for drone, photo:

The radio control for multicopters has two joysticks and several function buttons and switches for the flight mode or the return function, a wheel for the camera setting, a display for the charging status of the LiPo batteries and interfaces for USB and HDMI. With one of the two joysticks, the altitude and the flight direction can be set, including the climb and descent as well as the left and right rotation. The second joystick adjusts the forward and reverse flight and the left and right movement of the drone. The camera wheel adjusts the gimbal and thus the tilt of the digital camera.

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