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quasi zenith satellite system (Japan, LBS) (QZSS)

The QZSS system (Quasi Zenith Satellite System) developed in Japan is a satellite navigation system comparable to the American GPS system, the Russian Glonass, the European Galileo and and the Chinese Beidou.

The QZSS system provides services equivalent to the European Location Based Services( LBS). In addition, the QZSS system also transmits navigation data for automotive applications.

The navigation data from the QZSS system is used to determine exact locations and improve traffic safety. The system is designed to improve the availability of the GPS system in road canyons. To this end, the QZSS system uses three satellites, each of which is at zenith over Japan for eight hours, to provide voice channels, broadcast messages and provide GPS auxiliary signals in the narrow street canyons.

Participants in this service are directly connected to the control center via a cellular service in the event of an emergency and can determine their position from the positioning data.

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