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quality control (QC)

Quality Control (QC) is a single inspection to ensure that a finished product meets the quality criteria set by Quality Assurance or the customer's requirements.

The difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA) lies in the time period in which the tests take place. While Quality Assurance starts before the production of the products, thus proactively establishes the quality level, Quality Control takes place reactively and refers to confirmation that certain requirements have been met by a product or service. In other words, on the manufactured product. Moreover, quality control is about quality inspection of single items or randomly selected single items. Quality control can be applied in all stages of production of goods, products, services and software, as well as in incoming and outgoing goods.

As far as the quality control procedure is concerned, the specific standards that the product must meet are determined in advance of the inspection. Then, the scope and correction of the measures are determined. It is also about how to deal with products that do not meet the quality standards or are defective. If many products deviate from the quality standard, the production process must be revised.

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