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public land mobile network (mobile communications) (PLMN)

A Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) is a terrestrially operated radio network that provides a public mobile radio service and can be used equally by vehicles or pedestrians.

PLMN networks are often connected to and extend fixed networks such as the public switched telephone network( PSTN) or other terrestrial mobile networks such as the GSM network or the UMTS network. Other networks include Broadband Wireless Access( BWA), Wireless Local Loop(WLL), Wireless Metropolitan Area Network(WMAN) and WiMAX. It is the area where services are provided by network operators.

PLMNs can provide users with diverse services comparable to those offered by fixed networks. This is particularly interesting for topographically difficult areas where base station maintenance is difficult or where RF emissions affect reception. Since PLMN networks incorporate digital and analog technology, nationwide communications coverage is assured.

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